Blog award...

Ho ricevuto questo premio da Debbie di debbiestinytreasures

Grazie! Grazie veramente! Una bellissima sorpresa al ritorno a casa dal lavoro! ^___^

Ecco cosa dice Nikki, la creatrice del premio...

"Now, as you all are aware I love witches and wizards alongside spooky, Halloween, haunted, Gothic, fairy and a never ending list of alternative miniatures And so I decided to create my own award today and present to my favourite blog's. This award is for imagination and for those showing skill with their work that we can only stand back and admire. When given this award you can pass this on to any other blogger when you see such work and you don't have to send a specific number. You can send hundreds or one once a week. Its up to you! Keep sending it for as long as you run your blog.
There are wonderful miniature artists out there and they need to be appreciated for the long hours they put in. Often up all night with unbrushed hair, and still wearing their pyjamas from the day before because they didn't have time to wash and change. Now I know that applies to me and I must be congratulated for the lack of vanity I now have. No longer do I yearn to look good, but instead want my miniatures to look & be the best I can achieve.
So if you get this award then also give to people you think are doing their best creating miniatures such as above and putting in 100% effort."

A mia volta vorrei premiare tre giovani donne di grandissimo talento davanti alla cui produzione personalmente rimango senza fiato... Eccole qui...

I would like to pass this award to three young talented women, which creatures never stop to amaze me... They are

Yovanka, eccola nel suo blog appena nato
E ultimo (ma non certo per merito) Il Cerchio Fatato di Barbara


Yovanka Black ha detto…
OMG Carota thank you sooooo much!!!!!!!!!!! An award coming from you means A LOT! ! ! I am very honored dear :)


p.s. Emm.. how can I post your award on my blog? lol

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